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Bheemili Beach: A Trip To Pleasant Weekend

Bheemili Beach is located at the origin of the Gosthani River, at a distance of 24 km from Visakhapatnam in Visakhapatnam district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


The beach reflects the British and Dutch settlements. It is one of the significant shorelines on the west bank of the Bay of Bengal and a flat out need visit for anyone wandering out to Andhra.

The shoreline offers a fantastic sight for voyagers which stretch out the finished enormous length. It appeals to the spirit of the visitor.

The shoreline is spotless and unadulterated. Extraordinary among different spots for a getaway, you can invest decent energy in this shoreline.


The splendid grayish dark sands shimmer in the sunlight and your heart will go to the horizon with the dawn. The shoreline is quiet and peaceful.

The sound of the sea, the cool breeze, and waves touching your feet play rhythms to your heart.

Bheemili Beach Most Attraction

You can watch the radiant first light and dusk on this shoreline. When you sit tight to watch the sunrise and sunset, the outcome is magical for the eyes.

You can go for a wonderful stroll in early morning or night to totally grasp the charm this shoreline offers you. Coconut trees line the shoreline which is a treat to watch.


The peaceful setting of the shoreline lifts your soul. You can hear the twittering of the fowls which mimics your excitement. This shoreline is an absolute necessity to visit the spot to experience your happy occasions with your family.

It has totally clear water, while the tides touch your feet in the fragile and smooth way.

Sea sweethearts, who are planning to rest, loosen up and restore, will encounter energetic affections for the blue waters and the splendid sands of the shoreline and the horizon where the sky and earth meet to make an admirable sight.

The fresh sea view can give an invigorating sensation to the visitor.

Bheemili Beach Facilities Available:

You can shower in the sea for any measure of time. This shoreline has facilities for sunbathing.

The splendid sands of the shoreline make a great bed sunbathe. You can profit from back rubs and one can enjoy extraordinary spicy hot food of Andhra.


Upkeep of the beach is done by the Vishakhapatnam tourism development corporation. The organization has also made water sports complex which the joyful and brave urban tourists can love.

It also operates Sip and Dip homes, which is on the beach shore and besides gives a good sea view. This motel has very good staff and the food varieties available are good.

Bheemili Beach Location

Bheemili Beach Travel guidelines:

You can take a bus or train to Vishakhapatnam from cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore, etc. There are flight services also operating from these cities.

Local transport such as taxi, autos is available for going to the beach from Vishakhapatnam.

This shoreline is will certainly bring you euphoria and peacefulness. The charm of the perspective shoreline brings can’t be described in words.

Amid the night, you can watch the perfection of the waves and moonlight playing on the sand of this beach. Rekindle your love for the sea by visiting this beach.

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