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Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam (RK Beach) – Best Weekend Spot

Ramakrishna beach, Enjoy Sunbathing & Spirituality


Ramakrishna Beach is located in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh also called RK beach. It is one of the most famous beaches on the west coast of Bay of Bengal and a must visit for anyone traveling to Vishakhapatnam.

Most of them know its name as RK beach.

Ramakrishna Beach filled with Spirituality?

There is Ramakrishna mission present near the beach. Tourists get a double bonanza of relaxing in the beach and also have an opportunity of spiritual awakening.


The beach is famous for its enormous stretch of beach line which is very quiet and peaceful for the heart. The calm sea sings songs to the soul and breeze playing with the hair will induce a smile on your face.

It also has lush greenery compared to other beaches.

Ramakrishna beach – Should not Miss Sunset and Sunrise

You should not miss the sunset which is very captivating. The way the sea and the sky change colors when the sun goes to sleep is a feast for the eyes.


You can take a nice stroll in early morning or evening to fully experience the magic this beach offers you.

This beach boasts a long seashore for having a joyful run while the tides touch your feet in the soft and silky way.

The blue waters and the golden sands of the beach and the horizon where the sky and earth meet make a worthy sight for the sea lovers, who are looking to rest, relax and rejuvenate.


The chilly sea breeze which blows can give an unforgettable feeling to the visitor.

Once you have had your hearts full by bathing in the beauty of the sun and the sands, you can visit the Dutch cemeteries bordered along the coastline.

Ramakrishna beach Facilities available:

This beach is nice for taking a bath in the sea. This beach has facilities for sunbathing and hence it is a frequent visiting place for foreigners.

The golden sands of the beach make a wonderful bed sunbathe. There are also facilities for massages and one can enjoy typical spicy Andhra snacks and food in the evening.

The beach is administered and well maintained by the AP tourism development corporation (APTDC). The beach has facilities for surfing.

AP tourism also operates a hotel called Haritha, which is within the budget and also provides a sea view. The hotel is clean and staffs at the hotel are courteous.


Since this hotel is almost always booked, you should pre-book well in advance.

After a refreshing time at the beach, tourists can also visit nearby temples such as an aquarium, Visakha Museum, the Kali temple, roadside restaurants, etc. it is also famous for INS Kursura submarine museum where you can see the Kalvari class submarine.


You can also have a peaceful time at the Ramakrishna mission available near the beach.

Ramakrishna beach – How to reach

By Railways: Once you reach to Vizag railway station. The Distance from Vishakhapatnam railway to Ramakrishna Beach is 4km, you can hire a cab, auto.

By Bus: Once you reach to Vizag bus stand. The Distance from Vizag bus stand to Ramakrishna Beach is 10km, you can hire a cab, auto.

By Air: Once you reach Visakhapatnam International Airport. The Distance from Visakhapatnam International Airport to Ramakrishna Beach is 14km, you can hire a cab.

You can take a bus or train to Vishakapatnam from cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc. you can also take flight services from these cities.

You will definitely lose your heart to the tranquility and beauty of the beach. This beach will bring out the divine and spiritual qualities in the person. Truly this is one of the amazing beaches in South India.

Ramakrishna beach Location

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