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Suryalanka Beach, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Suryalanka Beach Shoreline: Relax and enjoy

Suryalanka Beach has situated around 8 km from Bapatla in Guntur locale of Andhra Pradesh. It offers one of the uncommon wonders of the beachfront Andhra to the guest.


The shoreline is popular for its the tremendous extent of Suryalanka Beach shoreline which is calm and tranquil for the heart.

The quiet ocean sings melodies to the spirit and breeze playing with the hair will initiate a grin all over.

It likewise has lavish greenery contrasted with different shorelines.

You ought not to miss the nightfall which is extremely enthralling.

The way ocean and the sky change hues when the sun goes for rest is a devour for the eyes.

You can go for a decent walk in early morning or night to completely encounter the enchantment this Suryalanka Beach offers you.


This Suryalanka Beach brags a long ocean shore for having a cheerful run while the tides touch your feet in the delicate and sleek way.

The blue waters and the brilliant sands of the Suryalanka Beach and the skyline where the sky and earth meet make a commendable sight for the ocean darlings, who are hoping to rest, unwind and revive.

The crisp ocean breeze which blows can give a life-changing feeling to the guest.


Suryalanka Beach has palm trees which introduce an extremely beautiful view.

The sound of waves and insects toward the beginning of the day are nature’s music to ears.

An exceptionally pleasant place to go through your weekends with your family in this glorious shoreline.

Suryalanka Beach Facilities Available:

This Suryalanka Beach is pleasant for bathing in the ocean.

This Suryalanka Beach has facilities for sunbathing and consequently has been a favorite tourist spot for the foreign tourists.

The brilliant sands of the Suryalanka Beach make a superb bed sunbathe.

There are additional facilities for back rubs and one can appreciate regular zesty Andhra bites and sustenance at night.

The shoreline is directed and very much kept up by the AP tourism improvement enterprise (APTDC).


The legislature has additionally created water sports complex which the carefree and courageous urban vacationers can appreciate.

AP tourism additionally works an inn called Haritha, which is inside the financial plan and furthermore gives an ocean see.


Tidiness and respectful staff at the lodging are a  major highlight.

After a reviving time at the shoreline, voyagers can likewise visit close-by sanctuaries, for example, Penchalakona Temple, Venkatagiri Fort, Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Kandaleru Dam.

The tourism office is additionally purportedly creating sanctuary complex in the shoreline for god adoring sightseers.

Suryalanka Beach – How To Reach:

By Railways: Once you reach to Bapatla railway station. The Distance from Bapatla railway to Suryalanka Beach is 10km, you can hire a cab, auto.

By Bus: Once you reach to Bapatlar bus stand. The Distance from Bapatla bus stand to Suryalanka Beach is 9km, you can hire a cab, auto.

You can take road transport to Guntur from urban areas like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore and so on.

Chennai is 410 km from Guntur, Hyderabad is 270 km from Guntur and Bangalore is 600 km from Guntur.

The charm and the delight this shoreline brings are unparalleled.

Around evening time, the moon’s appearance at the water’s edge takes after ocean serpents playing in the wavelets along the shoreline.

This shoreline is certain to acquire the youngster you. Genuinely this is one of the beautiful shorelines in South India.

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