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Yarada Beach shoreline: Enjoy the Weekend

Yarada Beach has situated around 15 km from Yarada in Visakhapatnam area of Andhra Pradesh.

It offers one of the phenomenal marvels of the shoreline of coastal Andhra to the visitor.


The Yarada Beach is the mainstream attraction for its extremely large shoreline which is quiet and peaceful for the heart.

It moreover has splendid and expensive-looking greenery diverged from various shorelines.

Its golden sands with the combination of blue waters offer the best view of the Yarada Beach.

This Yarada Beach boasts a long seashore for having a lively run while the tides touch your feet in the sensitive and smooth way.

The blue waters and the splendid sands of the Yarada Beach and the horizon where the sky and earth meet make a beautiful sight for the sea sweethearts, who want to rest, loosen up and resuscitate.


The peaceful sea sings tunes to the soul and breeze playing with the hair will give you giggles.

It is the least explored beach and offers a quiet and peaceful evening.

You should not miss the dusk which is to a great degree enchanting.

The way sea and the sky changes tone when the sun goes for rest is magical and a treat for the eyes.

You can go for a not too bad stroll in early morning or night to totally experience the charm this shoreline offers you.

This Yarada Beach has palm trees which present a to a great degree excellent view.


The sound of waves and bugs toward the start of the day are nature’s music to ears.

The incredibly lovely place to experience your holidays with your family in this sublime shoreline.

The fresh sea breeze which blows can give an extraordinary experience to the visitor.

Yarada Beach Facilities Available:

This Yarada Beach is charming for bathing in the sea.

This shoreline has offices for sunbathing.


The splendid sands of the shoreline make a wonderful bed sunbathe.

There are also places for massages and one can taste consistent lively Andhra nibbles and food during the evening.

The Yarada Beach is maintained and especially kept up by the AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC).

The council has furthermore made water sports complex which the cheerful and gutsy urban vacationers can appreciate.

AP tourism moreover runs a motel called Haritha, which is on the beach line.

Neatness and courteous staff at the hotel is a noteworthy feature.

After a restoring time at the Yarada Beach, voyagers can similarly visit near to temples and other attractions such as Gangavaram beach, Dolphin’s Nose, and Gangavaram Port.

Yarada Beach How to Reach:

By Railways: Once you reach to Visakhapatnam railway station. The Distance from Visakhapatnam railway to Yarada Beach is 18km, you can hire a cab, auto.

By Bus: Once you reach to Visakhapatnam bus stand. The Distance from Visakhapatnam bus stand to Yarada Beach is 15km, you can hire a cab, auto

You can take a street transport to Visakhapatnam from urban territories like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore et cetera.

Chennai is 800 km from Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad is 650 km from Vishakhapatnam and Bangalore is 1000 km from Vishakhapatnam.

The appeal and the enjoyment this shoreline brings are unparalleled.

Around night time, the moon’s appearance at the water’s edge takes after sea serpents playing in the wavelets along the shoreline.

This shoreline will surely get the adolescent you. Truly this is one of the excellent shorelines in South India.

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